April 28, 2008

Colors of spring

At least the colors of spring for Today - lots of pinks to come and yellows just leaving. I think I will do some rainbow pages as Karen has done on her amazing blog http://www.flickr.com/photos/karenblados/ . This page finishes my handbook journal, which I love for its size/format, and the pages take tons of water with no buckling, but I find the paper too spongy and my colors fade as they dry and hold very little intensity - so I am on to a new journal, larger and hopefully willing to sustain vibrant spring colors.


Teri C said...

Besides the beauty colors and flowers, inquiring minds want to know what the new sketchbook is :)

Sandy said...

I am trying out an Aquabee 9x9 - I have always found it safer to work small but it is time to branch out. Thanks for always being so encouraging Teri!!

Tami said...

Thanks for asking, Teri my question was the same.

It's easier to work bigger, more room for all those details we are all trying so hard to quite adding LOL. Just kidding, it does give you more room to work though especially if you do much with landscapes or larger views.

Great job on the fence and nice juicy colored flowers.

caseytoussaint said...

Thanks for the early taste of Spring! It's cold and rainy again here today. And congratulations for finishing a sketchbook - I always fee that that merits a small celebration. Glass of champagne perhaps?