April 11, 2008


My special little sand dollar and the memories it hold within.


Anonymous said...

I love your sand dollar and now you have created another way to remember it and enriched the memories another way! I just finished sketching and painting a whimsical hippo, tiger, and lion - all from 10 X 14 " greeting cards my husband sent to me in medical school - that then were hung on the walls in the baby nursery. That baby will be 37 years old this year. I'm ecstatic to have them painted in my sketch book - we had lost them among our stuff until today and now they are permanent memories.

Teri C said...

Sandy, you have the most interesting journals! I just love them.

Tami said...


I think I like this entry best of all. It tells a story, one all of us with grown children can relate too. I really like the picture ina picture that you used here. Beautiful entry!

BTW, thank you for stopping by and visiting...it was a pleasant suprise!