June 18, 2008


Because I so admire the landscapes posted I decided to throw myself into them (well not literally, but this one would be refreshing). Although I have not traveled as much as I would like, I have seen some lovely places. I decided to work on some old pictures of places I have lived or visited - a nice addition to my sketchbook and good practice. I start with Lake Tahoe, anyone who has been there has seen true majesty.


Claudia said...

Sandy, this is a very beautiful sketch! It reminds me a bit of the sketches by Earl Thollander! And one can immediately feel that you have a strong emotional connection to the place you painted!

mARTa said...

I know this place intimately. You has captured it's essence. I want to buy this one!!!!! Seriously!!!! or a good print of it!!! I love it and it brings back many wonderful memories for me of much fun and breathtaking beauty!

freebird said...

Wonderful. I've seen the lake once when I visited my sister who lives in nearby Minden, NV. It is beautiful.