July 14, 2008

Its All About Hydration

Summer is Getting Hazy Hot and Humid around here. I decided to log my hydration for the day - YES I know caffeine products de-hydrate, but I drank them any way :-) There were more paper cups of plain old H2O but they were boring to draw. Pen and watercolor in my handbook journal.


Anonymous said...

A nice sketch Sandy. I love that big one, with the straw..it is a cold thingy, I see ice...nice colours and I like the composition.

Sharon said...

Very nice composition, Sandy. And congratulations on your award! (BTW, I'm not going to let my husband see your comment - DEEP FRY EVERYTHING FOR SAFETY REASONS :-) - because he would want to marry you!) If you send me your e-mail address, I send a PDF of that fabulous enchiladas verde recipe. Sharon837@gmail.com