December 9, 2008

Our Christmas tree has been downsized big time- but every year I remember the tree that toppled over - this safety tradition has now been passed on to our children with children of their own. Our Beams still show the 'scars' ;-)


Teri C said...

Gosh, it still looks like a big tree.

We also downsized.

And there is the story of my Dad gracefully falling into the tree :)

Kim Saxe said...

Great drawing/painting of the tree. Love the needles, Sandy. Your journaling was really interesting to read, too.

We downsized, too...sometimes to no tree at all. (camping)


caseytoussaint said...

Great trick, Sandy - thanks for the tip!
Your painting of the tree is excellent too!

Paloma Chaffinch said...

I love your beautiful journal sketches. I could just eat that Turkey Pie :-)

Ann said...

Wonderful journal pages! I bet your tree is still just as spectacular, if a little smaller.