December 4, 2008

Turkey Again ?

Still appearing nightly - Turkey - Tah Dah!! I do love turkey and this year I cooked two 20 pounders!! There were lots of leftovers to share. So far we have had - turkey sandwiches (with Cranberry Chutney, my specialty) Turkey Tetrazzini, and Turkey pot pie (with a second pot pie frozen for later) - Turkey ice cream may be next.


Kim Saxe said...

Yum! Send me a pie. Your work is just so well the lines and your touch with color.

rrARTz said...

that looks delicious! the colors make me want to take a bite!

peachtreeart said...

I wish I could have tasted the pie lol! It looks great!

Ricardo Sérgio said...

Great drawing and yes, it looks delicious.

Anita Davies said...

That pie looks amazing!

WatercolorArtist said...

Great blog, I am inspired!

Anyway, I'm writing today to say, "Tag, You're It!"

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Have fun!

Mary Kay

mARTa said...

umm, makes my mouth water thinking of it! No left overs here as we go to my sister's for Thanksgiving. I haven't had turkey pot pie in years...can I come over for dinner?