February 26, 2009

Around Town 3

Around Town 3, originally uploaded by My Fiddlestix.

The corner of Water Street and Whitfield Street, at the south west end of the town "Green". #3 in my around town series. - done quite quickly I am please to say ( pleased just because I did get it done reasonably well)!


Shirley said...

Enjoy your vacation! We'll miss you on March 7th. Everyone that I invited will meet at the Met - and we'll be sure to include you in further sketchcrawls. This is another lovely Guilford architectural sketch!

Sherry said...

Have fun, Sandy. I am always impressed by people who draw architecture. I like the way your text follows what would be the perspective line.

Plain Jane said...

wow, your around town series is really great! fabulous color and perspective....I'm still avoiding perspective....

ooh shirley organized a sketchcrawl at the met? Waay cool!

where are you going on vacaish? clearly somewhere sunny.

caseytoussaint said...

I love your around the town series - I just went back through the other posts. You inspire me to do the same in my town.
Hope you're enjoying that vacation!