March 31, 2009

around Town #7

Hard to read my journaling (dang scanner) Just off the town green is a strangely interesting Quonset hut originally used as a storage building, now converted into a cafe. Aptly named Cafe Grounded they serve great breakfast and lunch . The small upstairs loft area uses Airplane seats with tables. In the summer there are tables outside and a nice view of the Congregational Church. Sunday we splurged and I had to have their French Toast using thick home made bread - I also wanted home fries and toasted English muffins being the carb freak that I am. I settled for some bacon.


Teri C said...

What an interesting place! Seems every little town has something fun like this.

Margaret Ann said...

OOOH Yeah, bacon alwaus does the trick...especially with French toast! Nice sketch! :)

mARTa said...

I've just spent the last 15 minutes perusing your blog. I especially like the one with the swan, the marsh is lovely. Your about town sketches are giving me a good glimpse of that side of the states too! I also liked the one of your scrunched up face! LOL. And I would have had the home fries and bacon and french toast...and eggs too!

Anita Davies said...

Lovely spread Sandy.
Thank you for sending the handbooks, I did email you as they arrived and was surprised to read you didn't get the mail....they came ages ago!
Thank you so much!

Alex said...

^^ Thanks so much for the compliments. But I do think that I still need a lot of practice. I could get lucky the first time ya know :)
This is such a nice one. I am feeling really hungry now... food you draw looks delicious!