October 2, 2009

Maid in Waiting

A beauty in my own front yard - We have a big patch of these lovely delicate ferns each year. A native to the woods that stood around our home. I learned they are Northern Maiden Hair Ferns, and quite slow to spread, the patch we have must be a century old - I am guessing, maybe older. Now, thanks to my journal I have inspected a frond closely and journaled about it all.


Pat said...

These ferns are my favorite too. I have a patch that came from the edge of the Angeles Nationsl Forest and comes up every year. They are so delciate and yet are able to come back every year. Your beautiful journal will keep them all winter for you.

john.p said...

Great fern! When I see such a fern sketch I see your patience. I've tried a couple times and give up because each leaf must be drawn and it's such a slow process.