October 16, 2009

Naval Reunion 2009

The Naval reunion took us to Patriot's Point and a tour of the USS Yorktown - always an amazing tour. Arrangements were made for us to eat lunch in the Chief''s galley - on regulation metal trays, served via the mess line - almost the real deal. Of course the chief's galley is quite posh compared to standard sailor fare.
After the 5 day reunion in Myrtle Beach we extended for a couple of personal days in Charleston. What an amazing, gracious city!!! More pix to come.


Teri C said...

More great sketches!!

laura said...

What a wonderful occasion. Last time, it was on a Memorial Day, I was in NYC I toured the Intrepid--fascinating.
My great uncle was a Pearl Harbor survivor (he was on the Dale) who attended yearly reunions--how I wish I could have gone to one!

Melissa S. said...

I always enjoy your sketching/lettering style! Trip looked interesting and whichever of you served in our military, thank you for your service!