November 2, 2010

Blue on blue

Started the spread with the Wonky Mickey Mouse teapot/cup setup for Jane LaFazio's class (done in continuous line) and wonky it is, but the technique is fun. Then I wanted to branch out to my favorite china pattern "Blue Calico" and the vase fit in quite well Not sure I like the pink striping I chose for the background but then again I freeze when adding any background or text.


Rita A. said...

The background caught my eye and really makes the blues stand out. You did good.
The pots make a wonderful contrast.

Marisol said...

Hi Sandy, I write from Madrid, the capital of Spain (Europe) I am one of your followers on Flickr and I found your blog surfing the internet. I really like your sketchbooks, have a festive atmosphere, romantic and homey .
I invite you to visit my blog to see my sketchbooks: is written in Spanish, but you will find a translator at the top left with different flags. If you go into my blog, please give me write a few words.
Nice to meet you.

Frank Zweegers said...

I love the colors on you painting. Nice work!

Carole Baker said...

I think the pink stipes adds good contrast and interest to the page. Looks like you are enjoying your class.