March 27, 2007

Portriat Challenge #One

My try at the portriat challenge Jana Bloc posed - Fun - especially as I have not really done any face sketching. Certainly did not capture him completely but I think there is a resemblence. (did most of it upside down ) pencil in moleskine, ink and watercolor wash


Teri C said...

Sandy, you did a wonderful job on this! It really looks like him. Gosh, I am seeing his face everywhere :)

u l a n said...

great job! =)

platitudinal said...

Yes, I can see the resemblance. I think you've captured his eyes' expression. Well done!

Africantapestry said...

You did a great job on these picures, Sandy. I specially like the guy, there is definitly a resemblance and a lot fun in the rendering of him.
Well done!