March 4, 2010


Many talented artists create interesting montages of their day/week/trip. I struggle way to much on placement and looseness but, practice is always key to improvement. This was my yesterday, I sketched periodically through out, added color, detail and text by the end of the day. Not as bad as I originally thought , but that green of the pepper is WAY overworked, and why is that crayon piercing my dinner?? :-)


Sandra said...

I've been following your blog for some time, and I enjoy each and every post! I love the fact that you can make something interesting out of even just random bits and peices! Inspiring!

Karen Blados said...

I think it looks really good! I think it's hard to do a montage over a whole day ... if everything is in front of you at once, you can do more planning on placement and such. And now I'm hungry for stuffed peppers. Mmmmmmm.

suzanne cabrera said...

I love this!