April 16, 2010

Portriat Party

Well it is an attempt, I do not do faces - therefore I cannot do faces - so I just try more faces!! Especially mouths!!! they freak me out ???- and I totally messed up Lovely Jennifer's mouth - open mouths are the hardest of All!!! So hopefully I will see improvement some day.


Teri C said...

I hear you on faces and I keep trying also.
Yours look good!

Sandra said...

I really struggle with faces too. I need to practice but instead I find my self avoiding them altogether! I find Willow Charcoal a great medium to use for faces as you can move the pigment around and lift out, add more, it's so forgiving! I know you love colour, and these are really great sketches - bhut if you want to practice faces, willow charcoal is a great one to use.

winna jill said...

These are excellent faces full of life and stories...I love them--

however if you need a little help in your mind at least--then view your work in a mirror---you'll see it with teaching eyes

Winna Jill

freebird said...

Not seeing the pictures or people you drew I would say you made some great portraits. These have character and look "real". I've seen many that end up looking like plastic dolls.

. said...

Faces are hard and the mouth, I so hear you on that one... I just made a drawing of Edith Prickly and she has always a wide open mouth... that was hard. I think its the teeth that makes it harder to draw. One of the tools I love to use to see different face expressions is my web camera, its just smile, scream, look crazy and snap! you have a good picture to go by... unless you are camera shy : ) I think you did a great job on the faces, dont give up!!!